The Brief

HarriAnns offers delicious authentic Peranakan food, hand-made following precious family recipes passed down for three generations.

HarriAnns approached Arty Guava to help design a range of packaging for 16 different flavoured handmade cookies. The challenge is to represent the brand's colourful Nyonya heritage while injecting a hint of modernity to attract younger customers. They hope to change the way people think about tradition and put Singapore Heritage Food on the culinary map of the world!

The Solution

The new packaging line celebrates the vibrant aesthetic of Peranakan culture. The layout is simple with a bold colour panel to easily differentiate the wide variety of flavours and allows for future expansion of the line.  Delicate lace details hints at the intricacy HarriAnns' handmade cookies.

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You truly get us. Enough said. ;) The bit of Peranakan blood flowing in you perhaps plays a part? You are efficient and always on task. Easy to work with and good at communication of ideas. Readily share your working files with us prior to payment as you understand we are racing against time. 

Sharon Goh, HarriAnns

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