The Brief

HarriAnns offers delicious authentic Peranakan food, hand-made following precious family recipes passed down for three generations.

HarriAnns approached Arty Guava to tackle 2 separate packaging projects. One is to design a limited edition tiffin to house their 3 of their signature cookies for the Chinese New Year celebration. The second is to illustrate food icons to indicate the flavour of the cookies for ShangiLa Hotel's room treats for guests. 

The Solution

The tiffin was designed with iconic Peranakan elements such as peonies and butterflies and in the style that is reminiscent of traditional enamel tiffin with a touch of modernity. This is to showcase HarriAnns' Peranakan heritage and at the same time have a current appeal. 

For the ShangriLa food icons, I've decided to render it by hand in watercolour to reflect the handmade quality of the treats the packaging carry. Nothing says luxury and attentions to detail than something that is handmade which is a rarity in today's digital world. 

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You truly get us. Enough said. ;) The bit of Peranakan blood flowing in you perhaps plays a part? You are efficient and always on task. Easy to work with and good at communication of ideas. Readily share your working files with us prior to payment as you understand we are racing against time. 

Sharon Goh, HarriAnns

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